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1-Do i have to be a member of StockFolks to be able to post a message?
Yes, In order for you to be able to post a message and have full access to all site features, you need to register for your FREE account.

2-How can i post a new message?
To post a new message click on (Post New Message) and type in your message in the box, then press "submit".

3-What is my signature?
Your signature is a text or an image that appears in the bottom of your post everytime you post a message.

4-How can i add an image into my signature?
You can add an image into your signature by updating your profile, get the image URL link and insert it in the following code:

<img src="Your image URL link goes here" >, then place it in (My Signature) box.

5-How can i upload an image into my Profile Page?
After you have saved your image in your computer files "My Pictures"
Go to your Profile Page:

a-Click "Edit My Profile"
b-Click "Choose File" or "Browse", this will take you to your Computer's Files.
c-Go to "My Pictures" and click on your "image" that you need to place in your Profile Page, then click "Update".

6-How can i post a stock chart?
Go to
Enter your stock symbol.
Customize and save your chart studies , then:
Copy the chart URL address and insert it in the small image box, then click "here"
Your chart link will be inserted in your "Post New Message" box, you may preview your chart and submit.
Post the following code directly in your new message box:
<img src="Your Stock Chart URL link goes here" >

7-Can i edit my message?
Yes, you have to go back to your message and click "Edit".
Remember, you have only 12 minutes to edit your message after you first submit it.

8-Can i delete my message?
NO, only board moderator(s) are able to delete posts. You may contact the Admin and request to delete your message.

9-Can i add a video from youtube to my message?
Yes, to add a video from youtube to your message, click on the share button of your video, click on the embed button then, copy the generated html and paste it directly in your post.


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